Protests in Israel Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Reforms Enter Seventh Week

Protests in Israel Against Netanyahu
Protests in Israel Against Netanyahu
Protests in Israel Against Netanyahu
Protests in Israel Against Netanyahu

In Israel, protests have been ongoing for seven weeks against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms. The protests began in January, after the Israeli government approved a bill allowing Netanyahu to bypass the Supreme Court in some instances.


The proposed judicial reforms would grant the Prime Minister and his government more power over the judiciary. Critics argue that the reforms would undermine Israel’s democracy and the rule of law and could pave the way for corruption and abuse of power. The bill would also limit the Supreme Court’s ability to review laws passed by the Knesset.

Protesters have gathered in cities across Israel, with many calling for Netanyahu’s resignation. The protests have drawn large crowds, including thousands of people in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Reasons for the Protests

There are several reasons why Israelis are protesting against the judicial reforms. First and foremost, they believe the proposed changes would significantly blow democracy and the rule of law in Israel. They also fear that the reforms would give Netanyahu and his government too much power over the judiciary and could be used to target political opponents.

In addition, many Israelis are unhappy with Netanyahu’s overall leadership. They believe he has failed to address some of the country’s biggest challenges, including the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact on Israeli Politics

The protests have put pressure on Netanyahu’s government, which is already facing criticism over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. Some analysts believe that the protests could lead to early elections and could even result in Netanyahu’s resignation.

However, Netanyahu has dismissed the protests as being led by a small minority of left-wing activists, and has vowed to push ahead with the judicial reforms.


The protests in Israel against Netanyahu’s judicial reforms have entered their seventh week, with no signs of slowing down. Israelis are concerned that the proposed changes would undermine their democracy and the rule of law and are calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

The outcome of the protests remains uncertain, but they clearly indicate that many Israelis are unhappy with Netanyahu’s leadership and the country’s direction.