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California Scrub-Jay – Reflections of the Natural World

By Jim Acquire

Be taught 100 Widespread Valley Birds is a photograph weblog collection highlighting the 100 commonest Valley fowl species.

Publish #1 within the Be taught 100 Widespread Valley Birds

In California’s Central Valley, virtually anybody can be taught 100 native fowl species. Particularly since every day Valley Residents are available in contact with at the very least a dozen species that the majority acknowledge, however might not know the identify of. Few issues on earth fill us with as a lot delight as birds, and realizing them by identify solely provides to our pleasure. The intent of this weblog is for followers to find out about and have the ability to establish 100 widespread valley birds.

Eazy Peazy First Chicken

(You in all probability already know this fowl.)

From James Whitcomb Riley’s poem, The Jaybird
The Jaybird he’s my _favorite_
Of all of the birds they is!
I believe he’s fairly a classy sight
In that blue swimsuit of his:

And from George Parsons Lathrop’s Poem, O jay
O jay —
Blue-jay! —
What are you making an attempt to say?
I bear in mind, within the spring
You pretended you would sing;

Simply bear in mind one factor, it’s a Scrub-Jay, NOT a Blue Jay. Blue Jays have a crest and stay again east. Our stunning jay is a California Scrub-Jay.

All About This Chicken

California Scrub-Jays are medium-sized members of the Corvid Household sharing comparable traits with their different members of the family, the crows, magpies and ravens.

California Scrub-Jays are simply recognized by their blue upperparts, dusty-white stomach with a grayish-blue again. They’ve a medium-sized straight invoice with a hooked tip and sport a white supercilium (eyebrow line). Relying on the sunshine, their blue feathers might vary from pale blue to virtually iridescent daring blue. Not like their Blue Jay cousins again east, they do NOT have a crest.

California Scrub-Jay

California Scrub-Jays will be discovered nearly anyplace within the Central Valley. They’re what ornithologists (fowl scientists) name a year-round widespread resident and your yard might even be a favourite spot for one. They’re omnivorous and can eat bugs, lizards, berries and even different smaller birds (ouch!). Women and men are monomorphic, which means they beautiful a lot look the identical. The other of monomorphic, the place the men and women look completely totally different, is known as sexual dimorphism. (Consider male vs feminine Mallards.) 

California Scrub-Jay

California Scrub-Jays have robust payments which they use to interrupt open and eat acorns. Acorns are held by the toes of each ft and are hammered with their invoice till they break open and may dig out the meat.

California Scrub-Jay

After finishing this primary publish within the collection, you are actually in your solution to Be taught 100 Birds! These ubiquitous birds could also be present in our backyards, on energy strains or flying overhead regularly.

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