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Failure of human rhombic lip differentiation underlies medulloblastoma formation

  • L.D.H., P. Haldipur and O. Saulnier designed, carried out and analysed nearly all of the experiments on this examine. J.M., A.H.S. and J.G. contributed to in situ hybridization and cell depend analyses. A.W.E. contributed to bioinformatics evaluation and SCENIC workflow. W.O. and D.S.S. contributed to cell line preparation for single-nucleus sequencing. W.O. and M.C.V. contributed to major tissue isolation, single-cell preparation and sequencing. V.G. and L.C.-M. contributed to TurboID experiments and OTX2-KD experiments. A.L.M. contributed to GCP isolation and design and overexpression of the DN-CBFA2T3 assemble. M.S. and T.P.-B. contributed to fusion CBFA2T2-TurboID assemble design. M.L., R.A.S. and D. S. Scott contributed to CBFA2T2 mutation validation. S.B. contributed to western blot validations. H.F. contributed to SNP6 copy quantity analyses. T.N. and S.N. contributed to mutation evaluation. A.B. contributed to pathway evaluation. J.J.D.-M. contributed to CNV evaluation of the scRNA-seq information. Ok.B. contributed to evaluation and mannequin design. P.S. and E.Y.W. contributed to RNA-seq fusion calling and evaluation. O. Sirbu, S.A.Ok., P.B., A.V., J.J.Y.L., R.A., Xin Chen, Xiaodi Chen and Ok.L.M. contributed to experimental, statistical, bioinformatics evaluation and/or interpretation. B. Luu, P. Bérubé, Y.C.W., A.S.M. and X.W. contributed to RNA-seq library preparation. S.M.P., N.J., S.-Ok.Ok., F.D., O.D., F.B., J.M.-P., W.A.G., J.L., P.D., M.F.-M., A.J., P.J.F., J.M.Ok., Ok.Z., S.D.B., C.G.E., A.A.N.R., C.G., J.M.O., M.G., P. Hauser, J.J.P., Y.S.R., C.d.T., J. Mora, Ok.Ok.W.L., H.-Ok.N., W.S.P., I.F.P., E.L.-A., G.Y.G., T.E.V.M., T.S., R.V., R.C.T., M.Ok.C., J.B.R., T.Ok., S.J., B. Lach, A.L., V.F., P.d.A., M.Z., G.C., S.R., D. S. Stearn, E.G.V.M., P.P., G.F., M.M., C.G.C., C.C.F., M.F.R., F. Boop, J.A.C., R.E.M., E.M.T., M.A., M.L.G., F.C., P.E. and M.P. supplied affected person tumour materials and helped design the examine. Ok.A.A., A.S.M., F.M.G.C., J.N.R., S.J.M.J., R.A.M., M.A.M., X.H., J.R., P.H.S., R.J.W.-R., W.A.W., T.J.P., L.G., C.L.Ok., L.D.S., N.J., D.M. and O.A. helped analyse information and supplied knowledgeable recommendation. F.R. and E.S. supplied late-gestation human samples. X.W. and C.D. supplied reagents, tools and knowledgeable recommendation. D.W.E. and J.A.G. supplied knowledgeable neuropathology evaluation and pictures. T.E.W.-O. and B.D. contributed to and supplied knowledgeable recommendation on TurboID and OTX2-KD experiments. V.R. supplied MRI pictures and supplied knowledgeable recommendation on their interpretation. H.S., T.E.W.-O., Ok.J.M. and M.D.T. collectively supervised the venture. L.D.H., P.H. and M.D.T. ready the figures and wrote the manuscript.

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