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Nagano: Three killed in shooting and stabbing attack central Japan

A man is said to be barricaded inside an office after the alleged attack that killed a woman and two policemen. Source link

Ukraine Asked For Donations In Cryptocurrency To Fight Russia

Yarema Dukh, a communications strategist who helped set up the official Ukraine Twitter account in 2016, confirmed to BuzzFeed...

Australian Boot-Scooters Break ‘Nutbush’ World Record

More than 4,000 people danced to Tina Turner’s hit, ‘Nutbush City Limits,’ at the 2022 Birdsville Big Red Bash festival, setting a new...

Ron DeSantis Elon Musk interview: Twitter Spaces hosts Florida governor’s 2024 launch

The Florida governor's long-awaited entry to the 2024 race for the White House hits a bumpy start. Source link

Photos Of Ukrainians Fleeing The Russian Invasion

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is only four days old, but already 500,000 Ukrainians have become refugees, according to the...

A Year in Uvalde – The New York Times

The United States experiences so many mass shootings that journalists do not usually linger long after the attacks. Reporters and photographers move on...

Ukraine war: US distances itself from Belgorod incursion into Russia

Washington says it does not encourage strikes in Russia, after a border attack. Source link

ICE Detainees With High-Risk Medical Conditions Fought For Months To Be Released

Josmith used to dread nightfall inside his ICE detention cell because it meant he’d be struggling to breathe for...

Mexican President Said He Told Ally Not to Worry About Being Spied On

The Mexican president admitted Tuesday that he had been informed that his top human rights official was being spied on, but said he...

Sudan ceasefire: Khartoum largely quiet, residents say

For the first time since conflict erupted there appears to be relative peace in Sudan's capital. Source link

The Ukraine Conflict Is Not Your Chance To Go Viral

Going back to the pop culture references, many on Twitter are making memes that show Zelensky photoshopped as various...

Alert Level Is Raised in Central Mexico as Volcano Spews Smoke and Ash

An alert level was raised on Sunday for a volcano in Central Mexico that was spewing ash and smoke, prompting officials to close...